Horse Of The Week – Enoch.

Enoch 1Meet Feedmark’s new Horse Of The Week, Strathardle Enochdhu. Also known as Enoch, he turned 23-years-old on 27th April this year. Owner, Tara Jane Lothian explains: “Enoch is a 15.1hh Highland. I’ve owned him for over four years, I had him on loan for a year or so before that, and had riding lessons on him before that”.

“When I bought Enoch I knew he had limited mobility, but as I was totally in love with him I bought him anyway, though everyone told me I was mad! We were only doing light hacking due to his health, but this then had to stop Enoch 7over a year ago.”

“Winter 2014 took its toll on him, his movement became much worse which resulted in loss of muscle and weight. So after that, I decided to give him a good Summer and Autumn over 2015, but decided that it wouldn’t be fair to put him through another Winter.”

“Whilst I was at Your Horse Live, I talked with the people on the Feedmark stand, who recommended I try ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips. So I bought abig tub of it, thinking Enoch 4‘what have I got to loose’. I knew then that we were on a countdown.”

“Well, I really can’t believe the difference it has made! Enoch now trots about and even canters! He has gained weight and muscle, and is more mobile now than he was when I first bought him. Enoch is currently enjoying his retirement.”

“I wish I had discovered ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips years ago, and not wasted my time and Enoch 8money on other supplements. Thank you Feedmark, now I get to watch my boy be the cheeky horse that everyone knows and loves! Enoch deserves it as he spent years in a riding school where lots of people learned to ride on him. I’m still in touch with a few of the people that he taught to ride, as everyone falls in love with Enoch.”

A FREE tub of ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips is on its way to Enoch 3Enoch for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Valentino.

Valentino 2Valentino is an Irish Sports Horse, and he stands at 16.1hh. He is 6 years old and belongs to Rachel Calder, who has owned Valentino since September 2014. Rachel explains: “I do mostly dressage, schooling and hacking with Vallé. I currently compete with him in British Dressage Team Quest, and our teams are currently 4th and 9th place in Scotland.”Valentino 6

“I don’t have a great deal of information about Vallé’s past. All I know is that he came straight from the breeder in Ireland, to a dealer. He had never had a feed in his life, nor had he been turned out. he had done some hunting but not a lot. He was quite a nervous skittish Valentino 5character, but now he loves life.”

“I’m hoping to start Vallé’s jumping education in the next year, as I would really like to do cross country and also some Working Hunter classes with him.”

“Vallé was losing front shoes every second week and his feet Valentino 4were beginning to crumble. There was soon going to be no hoof to put a shoe on! After putting him on Feedmark’s Hardy Hoof Formula, Vallé can now go the full 8 weeks without his shoes even being loose.”

“I took him off the supplement, and after just two weeks he lost a shoe. The supplement works wonders. I am a strong believer Valentino 1in Feedmark, I use their SarVoid for skin blemishes, and Benevit Advance for everyday Vitamins and Minerals.”

A FREE tub of Hardy Hoof Formula is on its way to Valentino for being our Horse Of The Week!Valentino 3

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Horse Of The Week – Daisy.

Daisy 1Meet Daisy, an Irish Sports Horse who is rising 11 years old. Daisy stands at 16.2hh and has been owned for six years, by Jayne Nicholson.

Jayne explains: “Together, we mainly compete in low level dressage, and we Daisy 3do a few Show Jumping clinics also. Daisy achieved Reserve Champion in my local Dressage League last year. Our aim for the future is to compete in more Show Jumping Classes.”

“Daisy has always had poor coat and skin condition over Daisy 4the spring and summer months.
However, since being on EquiDermis Plus this is a thing of the past and she hardly ever rubs herself at all. Her skin and coat is in fantastic condition.”Daisy 8

“I tried Daisy without the product for a few weeks a year ago, just to see how she was. She gradually got scurfy and started rubbing, and I vowed never to be without EquiDermis Plus again!”

Daisy 6“Daisy is a classic Chestnut mare, very opinionated! With her attitude she was a bit of a handful, and her coat was always lacking shine. At least now I have solved one of the problems!”

A FREE tub of EquiDermis Plus is on its way to Daisy for being our Horse Of The Week!Daisy 7

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Horse Of The Week – Icelander.

Icelander 7This is Icelander, he stands at 15.2hh and is 6 years old. This Welsh Cross is owned by Tiernee McCall, and has been for three years. Tiernee explains: “Mainly, we compete in affiliated British Dressage, but we also jump for fun. I broke Icelander in, just over two years ago. Since then, we have placed in the 2015 DressageIcelander 14 Masters Semi Final, Summer Regional’s and Area Festivals, and have also competed as part of the Southern BYRDS team.”

“I bought Icelander as an unbroken driving prospect, with the intent to break and sell him on. After having some
Icelander 1lessons with Leanne Wall it soon became apparent that he had far too much to give to ever sell him.”

“Regarding our plans for the future, I am hoping to qualify for Dressage Masters at Novice and Elementary. We have already qualified this year for the British Dressage Native Pony Champs and Area Icelander 15Festival at Elementary level. I hope to do a Medium dressage test by the end of the year and just see how far we can go!”

“Icelander is nicknamed Princess due to his attitude. He is a one in a million horse, and has given me so many amazing opportunities already, I can’t wait to see what the future has to hold.”

“Icelander’s dressage score had begun to drop down to around 65/66 and we were receiving comments Icelander 13from the judge regarding lack of energy and cadence. I believed this was due to his sudden weight gain. I then tried Feedmark’s SlimAid, and it has been amazing! Icelander looks Icelander 3healthy and fit, and he has lost the excess weight. He is now full of energy and no longer seems to tire! Last weekend was the first time Icelander had breezed through two elementary tests without tiring, and then had plenty of energy the next day to do some jumping. We love SlimAid!”
Icelander 10A FREE tub of SlimAid is on its way to Icelander for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Paddy.

Paddy 6Paddy is our new Horse Of The Week. His owner, Suzanne Kelly, explains: “Paddy is a 26-year-old Irish cob whom I have owned since he was 3 years old and very green. He is 14.3hh, barefoot, and I ride him in a treeless saddle. Paddy is a happy hacker now, but together we used to participate in charity rides, such as the East Kent Ride. He doesn’t reallyPaddy 3 jump, but he does enjoy jumping the odd log and the breakers on the beach where we live. As he is getting older, I just hope to keep him healthy and active, and to continue our great partnership.”

“As he aged, I have tried all sorts of things to keep him supple but Paddy 1nothing made a difference until I bought Flexamine 10:10. He’s on a maintenance dose now and he’s been on it for years. We hack out together all the time, and he is getting along great. Flexamine 10:10 seems to be the perfect solution to keep him supple, and keeps him fit and healthy.  I also use Feedmark’s Benevit Advance and have done for some time. I often have a look on the Internet to see what other products Feedmark are introducing.  I Paddy 2would not use anything else! Quite a few of my friends now use Feedmark supplements and are as equally impressed with the products as I am. Thanks Feedmark!”

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Horse Of The Week – Chico.

Chico 4Feedmark’s Horse Of The Week is now Chico, who is owned by Andrea De Laine. Andrea explains: “Chico recently spent six months on box rest, she was only allowed to walk for ten minutes, twice aChico 8 day. Following a lot of loving care, I then had to introduce Chico to being turned out again. At first she was allowed in a very small paddock. Gradually she went into a larger paddock, and finally I could start to ride her in straight lines once more.”

“I had heard of Feedmark’s Steady-Up Advance and decided to give it a try. For Chico it has been great, she has fully recovered and we are hacking out on a daily basis. The effect of Chico 7Steady-Up Advance is brilliant and as an older Chico 9rider it gives me the confidence to ignore potentially scary things whilst out hacking. In addition to this, it keeps her calm when she goes out which is essential to keep her as safe as possible; she used to go rather mad in the field before she had a daily helping of Steady-Up Advance. So thank you Feedmark!”

A FREE tub of Steady-Up Advance is on its way to Chico for
Chico 1being our Horse Of The Week!

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Fantom and I are now on the Championship squad for the World Championships!

March BeachAll change as far as Plans go! No, not the dreaded endurance gods this time (the curse of every endurance rider), Fantom and I are now on the Championship squad for the World Championships in September or October this year. Right, this sounds fantastic but in reality we still have to qualify by successfully completing a 3* together at more than the qualifying speed.
The background to this sea change in the Watergate Endurance planning strategy is somewhat complicated. The Worlds were due to take place in December in Dubai which was something I was not entirely comfortable with in light of the recent welfare issues graphically presented in the media. However, the FEI stepped in and removed the World Championships from Dubai and they are now likely to be in Europe! This puts a whole new perspective on the issue.
We had our first squad meet up day for 2016 last weekend and this is the point where my plans seemed to come together. Although the date and venue of the ‘new’ World Championships won’t be announced until June, there is every chance that it will be held in Europe making it affordable and accessible for more combinations. (I really think it’s about time the BEF dished out some of its funding to Endurance!)

March Phantom HairBack to the present, Fantom has now completed two weeks of walking with just one more week to go before upping the pace/workload a little. He looked like a round, furry tennis ball prior to this but I set about with determination straightening his tail, clipping his jaw and ears and removing as much of his winter coat as possible. Then I did something truly shocking – I hogged him; Fantom, a pure Arab! In my defence his mane had been badly rubbed by the rugs and it will be so much easier for him to thermo-regulate when in training and competition. One downside I hadn’t thought about is that it is much harder to climb aboard with no mane.
Dilmun, in the meantime, is progressing extremely well. The walking and gentle trotting phases have now past and he has started his canter and hill work as well as some (much-resented) schooling to improve his flexibility and maintain his topline. We have now had three sessions on the beach and dunes and each time Dil has got faster and faster culminating in a rather uncontrolled gallop back up over the dunes after having done his steady canter work on the beach! That he is feeling well is in no doubt, however he is still rather overweight and definitely not as fit as he thinks he is.

March Chi wadebridge2All of the horses are now back on Replenish as the workload increases. Feeding Replenish on a daily basis takes all the worry about the horses getting sufficient electrolytes to produce optimum performance during training and competition.
Little Chiara has now done her first competition. This was local to us, less than an hour away and I took Wizard with her for moral support (ably ridden by my friend, Katherine). Vetting was somewhat challenging as the venue was at the Royal Cornwall Show Ground and the vetting was in a large, draughty, echoing livestock shed. Pre ride the pulse was sky high but we were allowed to start as it was clearly just excitement. The ride itself went very smoothly but also highlighted areas for us to work on. Maintaining a constant speed was quite difficult as the speed we were going at was quite slow and the ground conditions were varied. Gates of course were something we had to negotiate and something we need practice with but we do not have any suitable gates at home! Drinking also appeared to be a problem for her as, although she drinks well at home after exercise, she won’t drink with her bridle on (not very practical for drinking on route!) All in all it was successful and the pulse lowered sufficiently at the end for us to pass so that’s one under our belt.

March cHI SELF LOAD (2)Just prior to this, Chi has some natural horsemanship sessions to try to persuade her to stand quietly in the trailer. Although she is happy to load and unload from the trailer, once on board she became increasingly agitated, cantering on the spot. After her third session she was self-loading and standing quietly in the trailer and even went for a short drive without company.
I had planned to take her to another competition this coming weekend to get the first FEI novice qualifier as early as possible in the season. This would have meant doing a 40 kms competition which is only a little step up in distance from the 34 kms she did for her first one. The only one at all feasible at this time was one in Dorset approximately 4 hours’ drive which would have meant a sleepover in a corral. This ride is also hilly with lots of gates and, on balance, I feel with the long solo trailer drive, the first ever sleepover and lots of gates it is too big an ask at this time. Instead we will wait another month for one much closer to home for her solo debut.

Plans for Dilmun have now changed as a knock on effect from the change to the WEC. The plans are for Dilmun to make his 2016 debut this weekend in Chiara’s place as a pre-race fitness ride and to test that everything is spot on. His first race will then be at the first of the newly-reinstated FEI rides at Euston Park where he will contest a 1*. This is a course he has always enjoyed in the past, having completed two 3*and 1 2* rides there. With Fantom now aiming at the Worlds and doing his qualifying 3* in July, Dilmun will probably not now go to Brussells for the Europeans dry run.

Well, busy times ahead for Watergate Endurance!

Off The Mark!

BH1The new flat season is upon us, and we leave pleasant memories of the gallant performances witnessed at Cheltenham and Aintree behind to focus with huge excitement on those lovely jumpers speedier thoroughbred counterparts. Being a mainly flat focused yard, we are now in full swing and the lads are working all hours of the day to get the horses ready to perform to their best. Ben has been particularly busy, as he has had the small matter of a wedding (right) to get out of the way before we had our first runners! This was completed with plenty of dancing and much bubbly, and it was lovely to be able to celebrate before we had even had our first winner!

BH2Obviously one is always keen to get off the mark as soon as possible, as it releases a fair bit of tension and worry that builds up over the winter. As our finely tuned athletes head out into battle, the usual questions arise – are they fit enough? Are they well? Please let us have done enough! However, we were delighted when the gorgeous, stubborn four year old filly Lady Lekki (left, with lass June after her win) duly obliged us at Redcar. Only our second runner of the new season, we were a little nervous as it was a trip a bit short of her ideal, but she showed tremendous battling qualities to prevail by a head over her nearest rival. A madam in the yard, and highly opinionated, these qualities play to her favour on the racecourse and that is now her second win from only four starts. She has come out of the race absolutely bouncing and very full of herself! We are really excited about her this year, and feel she will keep progressing nicely.

We are looking like we will be sending a few runners out in the next couple of weeks, and whilst some will need that first run of the year to blow the cobwebs away, we now know through Lekki’s performance that they are pretty much where we want them, so hopefully we will have some more reasons to celebrate! As the horses workloads increase, we our finding ourselves getting through Replenish at a rate of knots, and it is proving very effective at helping there recovery times.

BH3We have been relatively lucky with the weather this year (as lucky as you ever get in England!) and some of our two year olds are looking more forward than usual. We are hoping to see two cracking colts out in the next couple of weeks – Vaux (below)and Bourbonisto. Both strong, hardy horses, they are inexhaustible on the gallops and are showing us plenty of signs at home that they are ready and raring to go. As always with two year olds, you never quite know how they are going to react on the track, and we expect them both to come on loads for their first experience, but they are two lovely horses to go to war with. Vaux is owned by a very friendly syndicate called Ontoawinner, who are well worth checking out if you wanted a small taste of racehorse ownership – be warned though, it is highly addictive!
Until next time, when hopefully we have lots more exciting news to bring you!

Horse Of The Week – Lottie

This week’s Horse Of The Week belongs to Trish Seabury, who explains: “About 20 years ago, when my lovely mare was about 16 years old, she was suffering from noisy breathing during Tilly 4the spring months.  As she got older, this progressed to being all year round, and I was told she would never be able to do anything but walk, as her wind would allow her to do no more than that.”

“By this point I was so desperate, as my mare, Tilly, was an Arab, and a proper speed merchant, who just wanted to canter everywhere and enjoy life.  No way would she be happy just plodding around at walk! I tried a number of ‘alternative’ Tilly 3supplements, but she was not tempted by any of them.”

“I then tried Feedmark’s Clarity, as I’d successfully used Feedmark’s Steady-Up Advance with one of my youngsters in the past. Tilly loved it, and found it very palatable in her feed. From a very poorly horse, with no future prospects of a carefree life and good health, I was about to be amazed!”

Tilly 1“As the months went by Tilly impressed us all, with her usual pace, her stamina, and her love for all things speedy in life. Her respiratory system remained clear! Tilly lived until she was 33 years old, and she was put to sleep through a separate issue – not a respiratory one.”

“So when last Spring, my husband’s 17-year-old mare, Lottie’s breathing became more rapid and crackly I recalled our success with Tilly on Clarity. I realise that with herbal products, not all horses will show the same outcome, but I bought the product with fingers crossed that it would suit Lottie too, and have the same reaction.”Lottie 1

“We started for a week feeding less that the recommended rate, and almost gave up, as it didn’t seem to be helping. On reading the tub, we were only giving her half of the dose needed, so we promptly increased the quantity!”

“Within a week, we saw an improvement! With that, and changing Lottie to steamed haylage in the Summer, that seemed to have done the trick. We manage the stable with different dust free bedding, and by wetting the floor for laying any dust/pollen in hours that she occupies the barn. We also made a large window in her exterior stable wall, for extra ventilation/circulation. Her breathing is well again.”

Lottie 3“I would so highly recommend this product, but what most people need to realise with herbal supplements is that it may take a while to show that it’s working. It’s not going to be a quick fix. Lots of people buy, and if no improvement shows after a week or two, they think it isn’t working.  You have to give it, and your horse, time to improve. The properties in this supplement are all natural for horse respiratory maintenance, and my two horses are both testimony that Clarity really can help to keep their lives normal.”

“Both Tilly and Lottie continue/d to love work, joining in with lots of horsey activities, competitions, shows, training days etc. with no restrictions whatsoever in their performance. My husband and I are very proud of our ‘girls’, and the Clarity product has given us the chance to give our horses the quality of life they so truly deserve for many years.”Lottie 2

“Thanks Feedmark, for listening to my story, and for producing your wonderful Clarity and other herbal products, to help my equine friends extend their lifetimes.”

A FREE tub of Clarity is on its way to Lottie for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Flick.

Flick 8Our newest Horse Of The Week is Flick. He is owned by Deanna Savin, who told us: “Meet Flick, otherwise known as my best friend. This horse has taken me on a crazy 5-year journey, but if I’m honest I wouldn’t have had it any other way. When we bought Flick we were under the impression that he was a green five-year-old, only to find out that he was just turning four.”

“After a few months of getting Flick fit and working him on the ground, we went to our first show. This didn’t goFlick 7 to plan. He napped, bucked, and bolted off. The same thing happened at almost every show that I went to, for two years. I would be the one who would fall of at least once during every show jumping round, because of the dirty stops he used to put in. My name floods the tumblers book in Flick 6my local Pony Club.”

“However, after two years of never giving up, and falling off almost every day, we finally got it. Flick just thought “okay, I’m going to be a real horse now”. During that summer when he was turning six, we ended up winning two classes at Arena UK, winning at Cricklands, and winning Intermediate Hunter Trials which took us to Finals and many more great successes.”Flick 1

“Suddenly, everything went downhill again and we couldn’t understand why. I was heartbroken. I had to dramatically reduce his work load, after 8 weeks of only walking, I was finally allowed to start short trots, and then Flick 5gradually work up to canter. After many months we could then start jumping again. These few months really made me realize how much I appreciate this horse, and how happy he truly makes me. Our vet recommended Feedmark’s VitaSel-E supplement and it worked a treat! After a few weeks of VitaSel-E, Flick was back to being my cheeky pony and seemed even better than ever. Now, 5 years into our journey, we are flying around British Showjumping Flick 3tracks. We are winning all of the time, and having the time of our lives competing
successfully most weekends. Thank you Feedmark, for helping me to get my pony back.”

A FREE tub of VitaSel-E is on its way to Flick for being our Horse Of The Week!

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